Sunday, 25 August 2013

Healthy body = healthy mind

Ok ladies and gentlemen!

Why is it that we dont think about our bodies until summer??!! So I've a tip, July/August is the new summer ladies!! You have to get into that mindset so you are fighting fit by the time the warmer weather pops over. Yes I know it is the end of August, but it is not too late to start, set weekly or monthly challenges!

Challenge Number 1! 

Eat well and move your body for 30 mins a day! Whether its fast walking, star jumping, pushup competitions, who cares, just get your heart beating and blood pumping!

Try 'clean eating' for a week, yes that is a no to all processed foods/drinks. Try and reduce your cane sugar intake also (i have seen a large improvement in my skin since cutting it out). Im not a big fan of the term clean eating, its thrown around like it is a phase or a diet, when simply it is a lifestyle. Its what our Nans  grew up on!! So if Nanny wouldn't know what it is, dont eat it:)
Because we are so spoilt with choice today, such as Oreos (mmm mouth watering Oreos) it can be difficult, hence why I suggest to start off with a week, and once you complete your week of eating well and exercising reward yourself with a movie ticket, or new running singlet. I like to purchase Lorna Jane after I complete a months worth. 
It then becomes a lifestyle and your body will love you for it!

Now go and get a wriggle on!


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