Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Blue Bells

Ok so for Spring this year, we are taking a trip back to the 90's, yes the blue lids are back!!!  Don't fear though, you can pull this look off and avoid the disastrous flashbacks if you stick to a few simple rules. 
1.  If you are doing a bright eye like blue, do stick to a nude lip and keep it light on the cheeks, a NC Peach blush or our NC Bronzer will compliment
2. Be mindful of your application, where and how much! A little goes a long way
3. Do practice at home on before your outing if you are a bit cautious!
4. First time user since the 90's or in general?? Try starting out with subtle looks e.g. use an angled brush along the lash lines (very lightly on the bottom), not on the waterline. 

For those who want a BAM HOT LOOK!!

1. Use NC Titanium eyeshadow to cover lid, dab with full brush to emphasise pigment
2. Use NC Turquoise with a smaller brush or angled to follow your crease and slightly wing your shadow.
3. You can use black pencil or liquid eye liner along the top lashes!
4. Dont forget mascara!

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