Wednesday, 27 November 2013

My top 5 everyday Makeup Products I’m currently Lurving

All products are Nutrimetics, which means formulated with the purest natural ingredients, vegan friendly, NOT tested on animals and NO hidden nasties!!

1.       Cover Rich foundation in Biscotti

-          Such amazing coverage!!

-          Doesn’t make me break out

-          Lasts all day even without a primer

-          Soft, smooth, flawless, natural finish LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

2.       Peach blush and Brozer (yes two products, but they are on one line so they count as one right?)

-          Peach gives an amazing warm summer feel to your face

-          Matte finishes

-          Great for nude looks

-          As the Bronzer is matte it is PERFECT for contouring!!


3.       Hydra-lipstick in Dusk

-          Perfect nude lip with a hint of colour

-          Soothes and hydrates!

-          Long lasting

4.       WOW-Brow

-          Cannot express how good this is!!!

-          Perfect brows every time (even my crazy thick out of control ones)

5.       Liquid eyeliner

-           Perfect wings!!

-          Doesn’t smudge

-          All day wear!!

So many exclamation marks!
Have a wonderful day!

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