Thursday, 13 February 2014


 Painting faces on set! Beach love

What I have been up to!

As my partner travels a lot I like to keep busy and keep my mind occupied! Over the past month or two I have been focusing on my little business C.Makeup Artistry by building portfolios, meeting lovely people in the industry, trying new products both skincare and makeup and watching a whole lot of Game of Thrones!! 

Recommendation:- One photographer I've been working with is Trung, do go and check out his site and our small projects 

February Product love:- *Nutri Rich Radiance Balm (evens out my skin tone and brightens/softens, light weight) see website below

Makeup Tip:- Highlight just above theta ok of the brow to give it a 'higher' appearance

Game of Thrones makeup crush:- Khaleesi! Wowza what a beauty

Khaleesi Inspired


Stay tuned for more!



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